Driven By Passion, Acting By Necessity.

This is why...

The basic pillars and principles of journalism dictate that we bring to the fore and remind the captains of industry or the movers, shakers, and decision makers the status, standards and living of society in order to ignite positive change.

Our Production Focus

Championing social change and goodwill through poignant accounts, cultivating conversations and challenging the status quo.

Beyond All Senses

Imagine working in the service industry without hearing your customers.

Disrupted Nest

A series showcasing the fate of our endangered animal and plant species.

Rabiul Quluub

"The Spring of Hearts," is an educative animated miniseries targeting children.

Video Of The Month

Over his 24 year-rule, the late President Daniel Arap Moi’s, Kenya’s second president, was responsible for the execution and subsequent cover-up of a number of massacres.  Among them were the Bulla Karatasi Massacre in 1980, the Malka Mari Massacre in 1981, and the Lotirir Massacre in 1984.

Our production series

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Annotation 2020-06-02 182233

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